Breakout Session Materials

Breakout Title
Primary Presenter
A Force More Powerful: Blended Learning for the Digital Age
Mark Geary
Activexpression Response tool
Douglas Sahli
Adventures in Video Podcasting
Carol Greco
Apple iPod Touch What An Awesome Tool
Tom Farrell
Assessing teachers on technology
Shane Steckelberg
Best Websites
Cate Sommervold
Booktrailers for Children
Mark Geary
Building a solid wired and wireless IT Infrastructure for your school district
Tony Mason
Can We Do Whatever We Want Today?
Nancy Reimer
Classroom Application for Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works
Kristin Skogstad
Classroom Communication: Using Newsletter, E-mail, and Wikis
Jane Hannemann
Classroom Connections: "Survey Says.....?"
Colby Christensen
Confessions from Online Instructors: Learning Power Cohort Teachers
Connecting Mathematics and Science Concepts Utilizing Classroom Technologies
Elizabeth McMillan
Contemplative Education: Opening a Space for Mindfulness
Scott Simpson
Copyright, Fair Use and Creative Commons in the Classroom and Online
Lacey Hoogland
Creative Use of Technology in the English Classroom
Kara Neugebauer
Critical and Creative Thinking: A Differentiator
Cheryl Lemke
Dare to Inspire: Be the Teacher You Always Admired
Londa Richter
Did You Know that You can Use Microsoft Office to Help Your Students Understand Math Concepts?
Janet Caughlin
Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety
Geoffrey Sheehy
Digital Citizenship Awareness
Londa Richter
Digital Projects & Stories: Voicethread for the classroom
Melissa Goodwin
Digital Storytelling
Charlotte Mohling
Digital Writing and Video with WebKinz Studio
Mark Geary
Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Loan and Grant Programs
Kim Anderson
Do Morals go Offline When Students are Online?
Jeremy Haugen
Easy management of district walkthroughs
Odell Overgaard
Educational and Entertaining Resources
Steven Rokusek
Electronic Resources for Social Studies/History Teachers
Julie Erickson
Engage Students Using Visual Literacy
Marcia Torgrude
Enhancing Lessons in the 21st Century
Jane Hannemann
Find Excellence in Electronic Resources
Julie Erickson
Forget the Poster - Let's Make a Video
Trent Moehlman
From a Distance, Youth Internships Look Good
Doug Barnes
Full Color Publishing in the Digital World
Les Voorhis
Going Green with Web Pages
Marta Hoffman
HP Elitebook series features and teardown of 2730 Tablet
Dan Pollema
Integration of Technology in the Language Arts Classroom
Linda Loberg
Learning Online - Students Tell the True Story
Mary Cundy
Let's have a meeting Live on the Internet
Peg Hensen
Libraries Taking on Computer Illiteracy and Narrowing the Digital Divide
Chris Tonjes
Measuring Up: A Beginner's Guide to Formative Assessment
Josephine Hartmann
Meeting the Needs of the High-Level Learner in English
June Preszler
Meeting the Needs of the High-Level Learner in Mathematics
Mary Cundy
Meeting the Needs of the High-Level Learner in Science
Jacki Omland
Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2008
John Hohn
Middle School Music Appreciation: Engaging Students in learning
Laura Snow
New Ways to Engage the Learner: Teaching In One to One Classroom
Chris Swiden
One Small Click for All Mankind…
Angelo Casaburri
Prairie Winds Writing Project
Paul Higbee
Professional (Personal) Learning Networks
Sherry Crofut
Profiling the High-Level Learner
MaryLou McGirr
Quia - The ultimate technology integration tool!
Richard Thomas
Repairs - Working on a Gateway
Martin Sieverding
Rethinking Presentations
Geoffrey Sheehy
Rockets – The Latest on NASA’s New Rockets!
Angelo Casaburri
RSS: The New Leading Edge Application for Teachers to Read More Web Content in Less Time
Laura Turner
Self Publishing Books and Other Projects for the Classroom
Chris Martin
Senteo 2.0 Did Anybody Learn Anything?
Chris Klein
Show and Tell Showcase Using ActivPrimary
Barbara Knapp
SMART Sync: Maximizing Your Computers & Your Time
Chris Klein
SMARTBoard Technology: Making it work for you!
Samra Trask
Smartboard: Using the Notebook 10 Software to Enhance Instruction
Jane Hannemann
So You Want to Teach Online
Marilyn Hofer
Standards--the Designation/Curriculum the Journey!
Peg Hensen
State of DDN
Jamie Fry
Success: How to Share Your Message
Kris Baldwin
Supporting ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom
Gwyneth Dean-Witte
Teacher Support At A Distance: Lessons We Are Learning
Maggie Austin
Teamwork 2.0: Learning and collaboration in the digital world.
Jack Holmquest
Technology and Historical Research...How does that work?
Waynette Geigle
Technology and the 4 R's
Charlotte Mohling
Technology can make Response to Intervention a Reality
Linda Gillentine
Technology in Physical Education
Jeannine Metzger
Technology Professional Development in Your School
Lisa Tolliver
The Hover Bear Experiment - Integrating Science, Math, Art, Lakota Language and Culture
Sandra Byrd
The Impact of Poverty on Our Schools
Gail Swenson
The Joining Process: Welcoming, Honoring, and Connecting with Families
Lori Laughlin
The Promethean Playground
Darrell Haaland
Tips-Trick & other Tech Gizmos from a technology Cookbook
Odell Overgaard
Using a Promethean Board to Actively Engage Student Learning
Lisa Brandt
Using IGoogle in the Classroom
Elizabeth Vogt
Using the Cisco Academy to promote critical thinking and virtual networking
Clydene Stangvik
Bryan Waege
Visual Poetry
Betsy Knodel
VMWare Fusion for Macs
Tony Devers
We Shall Remain
Steven Rokusek
Who Has Time for Technology?
Kristin Skogstad
Windows 7 ? Vista ?
Bryan Waege
Wings, Strings and Flying Things
Angelo Casaburri
With a Click of the Mouse: Students Develop 21st Century Research Skills
Lee Crary
You Want Me to Teach How and With What? Blended Learning for the 21st Century Classroom
Elaine Shuck
You Want Me to Write What?
Jen Nehl
Your content, this Game
Mark Geary