Aspen01.jpgWelcome to the home of the Contemplative Education: Opening a Space for Mindfulness breakout session of the 2009 TIE conference! This is a place to find links and articles related to Contemplative Education. After the TIE session has been completed, the content of this page will tree-of-practices.gifremain for some time for your use. Anything I upload to this site will be something publicly available on the internet, so observe all the copyright protocols you would with anyone's work you might find and use from a free, public website. Thanks for your interest! I hope over the next few years to spread the word about contemplative practices in classrooms here in South Dakota. If you're a teacher, and you find the contemplative approach as engaging, stimulating, exciting and effective as I do, I hope you'll share these ideas in your own schools and communities.

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Scott Simpson, PhD
TIE Educational Specialist


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Session PowerPoint Presentation:

TIE Contemplative Ed Presentation.ppt

Session Mindfulness Questionnaire Handout:

Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire for TIE Conf 2009.doc

Materials I've Developed:

Breaking With The Culture of Compliance (including a Teachers' Book of Hours)
"Educational Tools"

Additional Research:

Mindfulness: A Proposed Operational Definition
Using Self-Report Assessment Methods to Explore Facets of Mindfulness
Toward the Integration of Meditation into Higher Education: A Review of Research
CARE (Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education) Program

Mindfulness Inventories:

Five Facet Mindfulness Inventory
Freidburg Mindfulness Inventory
Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills


Mindful Work and Technology

Meditation Practice Audio Links:


Organizational Links:

Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education
The Garrison Institute
The Fetzer Institute
The Center for Courage and Renewal